The T25 Workout is the latest Beach Body product featuring Shaun T. You may not know Shaun T by name, but you will know him once you see his face. Thats right… he is the same guy from those infamous Insanity commercials you see all the time.  So how does T25 stack up to Insanity and does it work?

Well T25 is targeted to a much broader audience than Insanity. T25 is marketed to all fitness levels and the workouts are shorter in duration than Insanity. Also, the workouts offered in T25 are the same as the ones included in the Insanity workout schedule, but they have been modified so that more people could complete them and finish the workout offered by T25.

So you know about T25 and little more about why it was developed, but does it work? Yes. Simply, yes. However, you are going to have to put in some work and you are going to have to eat right and you can not and should not expect that it will work overnight.

Those needing to loose a small amount of weight, say 20-25 pounds will be surprised at the results after the first round. Those who need to lose 50 pounds may get disappointed, but need to keep in mind that they can not expect to drop 10 years worth of weight gain in 8 weeks and may need to do the sessions 2-3 times before getting the results they want. Look it does work, but your not going to get instant results like you would if you got the cheap razor blades being offered by  Simply, eat right, take advantage of one of the many free Garcinia Cambogia trial offer and follow the program and give it time. It does work, just not overnight.

Do I recommend this product, yes, but only if your going to do the workout and not let it sit on a book shelf collecting dust. If that is your plan or you think that is what will happen (you know you), then save your money.

Good luck